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It’s my birthday :)

So yesterday I was sent to the ER from work, because I was dizzy, passing out, my whole right side of my body was numb i couldn’t feel anything. It was really scary. 

The doctor told me I’m under to much stress and with my heart condition that is really risky and scary. I’m really just hurting and aching. Ever since I found out i cant have kids things havent been solid. Now my grandma who is the dearest woman ever is dying from cancer. It’s incurable we don’t know how much time she has left. It is really eating at me. I feel numb. I am extremely close with my grandma, its killing my own mother inside to lose her mom. I just feel so alone with all these sad emotions. I don’t know what to do. I can;t handle losing my grandma. Its so sad, I love her too much to let her go already. I just need all the love to get me through all this. Help my family. 

Also my oldest sister is still drinking, and mooching off my parents. I hate her so much. I feel like no one know how to help me. Or my friends just don’t know how to be there. I just wish things would stop. 

She ruins my birthday every year. 




Its been a week from hell already. 



Expire - “Pretty Low”

So good

Oh my gosh I love her. She’s such a sweet lady




4/20 will come and go but the straight edge will always be.


I am currently studying all about sex & relationships. I bought some of the most amazing book by amazing doctors who are experts in relationships, sex, the human body, physical, mental/emotional aspects of sex, psychology and medical parts of sex dealing with sexual health, sex disorders, ect. Basically the all you need to know about humans, healthy sex and relationships. I’ve always been very mindful about sex, sexual health, mental health, sexual education, sex culture, rape culture, sexual abuse, the adult industry, sex toys, porn ect. Since I was young. I took many deeper sex education classes then your average health classes you had in high school and jr high. I’m taking my education farther with self teaching myself with all kinds of books and studying. So please feel free to discuss things with me. Ask for good books or if I can give you advice. I’ll be giving tips and advice on here and twitter. :)

Oxox Alexis


I had a lot of fun at Claremont Zine Fest! Our table looked really good, all of my cupcakes sold out, and above all, we got the word out about xGRRRLx.

Special thanks to m’lady ratqueenxvx for helping me table and being so enthusiastic about informing people of the zine! :3


💖 yes